Monday, 10 October 2011

New school year.

So it's a brand new, fresh year, where you can start over and rebuild your aims and goals. And I am shitting my brick. I have exams at the end of this year and the thought makes me a bit sick. But I'm not even going to think about them yet. So far this year has been brilliant. I've been back for about five-six weeks now and so far my class and I have gone to an adventure centre, which was possibly the most hilarious day ever, wading through bogland, covered in muck and diving off cliffs. We had a retreat where we missed the whole day to dance and sing and play games. And last Friday, we went to the zoo! :D I don't know how we managed that one, but we somehow persuaded our teacher to bring us there for the whole day as part of a CSPE project. It was hilarious as we were allowed to run around the zoo without supervision and just do what we wanted. I hope all of your school years have started off as great as mine has, and continues to be,
Write soon,
Cíara ♥

Our day out at the zoo ^ ^

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tonsillitis -.-

The doctor told me I have tonsillitis yesterday. Great. She gave me antibiotics so I'm on the mend now, and today I wasn't too bad but yesterday.... Holy Fack. It felt like I was exfoliating my throat with sand paper... Every single time I swallowed! So I quit swallowing, didn't eat or drink (until my dad forced me some water) and everytime I had too much saliva in my mouth, I spit it into a cup, gross yes, but its beat the razors in your throat feeling. So today I'm trying to convince the parentals that I'm way better, so that they'll let me go to a water park tomorrow with my friends... that I haven't told them about yet... Uh oh. But my mam is gone to some exercise class with her friends, so I'll ask her when she gets back, because she'll be so tired she won't give a flying fuck what I do. I have it all worked out :D So, fingers crossed I get a yes. And if I don't, I'm still going.
The worst blogger in the history of the world,
Cíara ♥

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sumo Wrestling and Cow Shit.

Tonight I went to the Cow Patch in the local Gaelic pitch. Now most people don't know what a Cow Patch is... I didn't. You buy a square of grass for a tenner, and the pitch is split up into all these squares or patches. They then release a cow into the field and whichever square the cow shits on first, the person who bought that square wins a thousand euro! Cool huh? Of course I didn't win, nor did any of my friends but oh well. Inside there was a rodeo electric bull and sumo wrestling, which I played over and over. Lots of music, the pub, the games, all the people and the atmosphere made it a great night. I met up with all my best friends and we had a hilarious night. And of course the night wasn't complete without us getting hyper and rolling down the hills and dancing , laughing together in our beautiful shroud of eternal friendship.
"A best friend is a sister destiny forgot to give you."

Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Tragedy in Norway.

I really can't stop thinking about the attrocity that unfolded in Norway yesterday. Its been in my head all day, and I feel so.. sad. And I don't even know any of the victims personally, so I really can't even begin to think what their families, friends and the survivors are thinking. One question has been screaming in my head like a siren for the past 24 hours. "WHY?" Most of them were just kids in a summer camp, enjoying the holidays like you and I with their friends. And all of a sudden their lives are changed forever, because a man, who is clearly ill, did a thing so chilling, it shakes me to the bone. I'm not going to go into him, or what he did too deeply, because I will honestly get so angry and upset. You can look it up on any news website or news station, but I'm almost 100% sure all of you have heard already. They were shot, like birds by a hunter, relentlessly, gruesomely, mercilessly and repeatedly, their lives discarded in seconds. So I just want to say, that my heart goes out to all those victims, all 92 (possibly more) of you, who's lives were ended so abruptly and wrongly, that it makes me feel sick. And to their families, friends and to anyone affected by this disaster, that you will find peace and closure someday. But for now, we all mourn those who were killed in this massacre. To all who died, God bless you. The sky looked more beautiful than ever today, and I'm pretty sure its because you are now up there ♥

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I forgot...

I'll just come straight out with it... I forgot about my blog -gasp- yeah I know. I got a reminder of a new post on my friends blog, which reminded me I have one, so I'm sorry! I'll try to start posting more regularly about anything and everything, and I'll try not to forget this time! I'm really sorry, but its been a busy month, and summer is half over, already. Thats a very sad thought.. -tear- Anyways, I'll talk to you guys soon (all 81 of you :P) so good luck,
Cíara ♥

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Last Few Days

Okay, so I realised a while ago that its been a week ago since I posted last so here is a very short synopsis of what I did with myself these last few days. I've gone into my local town a lot with my best friends from school, and gone to the shopping centre or mall as some people may call them. On Thursday... Thursday? I think it was Thursday.. I went up to my friends housing estate and just hung out there outside all day with a group of some of my friends. There turned out to be a lot of us, 18 or so. We were all in a big circle lying on the green, the sun shining down on us and the smell of grass wafting around the place, sounds summery eh? :) Until big grumpy 'owl black clouds came along and it started lashing down rain, and there is no way any mother or father that is in their right mind would let 18 lads and lass' into their house, so we took cover under trees instead. Most of the lads played football in the rain, but some of us decided to try and climb the big tree. Emphasis on the try. I got up a good bit and was shockin' proud of myself, but then when I tried to get down.... I got stuck. It was really high, and I had feckin' cheap pumps on from Penneys and if I jumped I would have broken my feet. So I swapped shoes with one of the lads who had runners on (he wasn't too pleased with getting girl pumps) and I swung on one of the branches and dropped down. But nothing can ever go that smooth and uncomplicated for me, so as I was jumping down, a branch snagged my leggings and ripped 'em right on the arse. So I ended up walking around the rest of the day with my top pulled right down, to cover the not-too-big of a rip. But it was a very fun day that I'll remember for a long time. :)
Hahahaha and then of course there was last night... My best friend and I went up to her sisters house which is like a half hour away to babysit her little kids for the night, because she, her husband and her sister and her husband wanted to go out to the pub. They're all still really young (20's) so they like to get wasted. My friends other sister collected me and my friend and we drove up to where we were staying. We drove very very fast with the music up to the highest it would go, we felt so awesome xD We helped the girls get ready and they left to go to the town with their husbands, we put the babies to bed and pigged out on crap food. So we were upstairs in the spare room talking about everything and anything, when we heard this massive bang downstairs. I got so freaked out and we grabbed some weapons to defend ourselves. I got hairspray and a bottle of Febreze and my friend got a hairbrush and a BabyBorn, we were ready to beat some intruder ass. I honestly didn't think much of it until we reached the bottom of the stairs and realised that the tv, which had been turned on with the volume pretty loud, had turned off. I don't know about anyone else, but tv's around where I live do not just turn off by themselves. So we both went into a bit of a panic mode (whilst laughing our asses off of course xD) and looked in every single room, which wasnt a lot because its a pretty small house, with our weapons of choice at the ready. We cleared the house and there was no one there, and we're still baffled at what went on. But anyways, we were alright, and it was brilliant fun (:
Thanks for reading, I'm off to eat my dinner ^ ^
Cíara ♥

Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Perfect Evening

Yesterday evening was a great evening, a perfect summer evening. My family and I went over to our friends house for dinner, our parents have been best friends all their lives and they have three kids. The weather, for once, was amazing, the sun was splitting the clouds and it got really warm. After a nice dinner, we went outside and spent the rest of the daylit evening running and playing in the cornfields. I know I'm getting a bit too old for 'playing' but who cares. The long grass came half way up me body, and at one stage the only thing visible was my head. It was so much fun! Although the kids I was with were young, they have cousins that live beside them around my age, so there was about ten of us out in the field going crazy. So it was a bit of a movie moment, running through cornfields with your hair down, blue skies, birds singing and the sun shining like there was no tomorrow. Sounds like a fairytale right? So after getting tired of that, we went into their cousins back yard and went on swings and played football and finely when it got dark we went inside to their house and watched movies :) All the adults were next door in the other house having drinks and we ended up staying there until two o'clock when my slightly 'cheerful' parents announced it was time to get a taxi home.
So right now, I'm sitting on my bed, singing along to The A-Team by Ed Sheeran (great song look it up), looking out my window at the constantly grey/black sky that has not stopped releasing rain all day long. I'm praying it will stop tomorrow so I can go outside and have some more fun. Thanks for reading, see you soon hopefully(:
Cíara ♥