Monday, 10 October 2011

New school year.

So it's a brand new, fresh year, where you can start over and rebuild your aims and goals. And I am shitting my brick. I have exams at the end of this year and the thought makes me a bit sick. But I'm not even going to think about them yet. So far this year has been brilliant. I've been back for about five-six weeks now and so far my class and I have gone to an adventure centre, which was possibly the most hilarious day ever, wading through bogland, covered in muck and diving off cliffs. We had a retreat where we missed the whole day to dance and sing and play games. And last Friday, we went to the zoo! :D I don't know how we managed that one, but we somehow persuaded our teacher to bring us there for the whole day as part of a CSPE project. It was hilarious as we were allowed to run around the zoo without supervision and just do what we wanted. I hope all of your school years have started off as great as mine has, and continues to be,
Write soon,
Cíara ♥

Our day out at the zoo ^ ^

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